Repair of your product any brand, is no problem with the skilled people we have,

and the suppliers who support us.

Our experience is in the preparation of economic proposals


Save time and money call us, some proposals

are obvious, because of our experience.

 Replacement  fans are available from

 many suppliers, we propose the most suitable ones for you.

We  help with guaranteed proposals for New Applications

By asking relevant questions about your application, applying our knowledge and

experience, and making guaranteed proposal.

In a  Breakdown  situation we can provide experienced tradesmen to repair your

equipment, and if required commission it to ensure the root cause of failure is taken

care of.





Our policy: at least two proposals

Our policy is to give you at least two proposals with relative advantages of  replacement

products, or the

product repair if applicable.

Completion dates, are fundamental for you to decide the economics.


Over the phone proposals are only possible in certain cases, however it will always

shed a certain light on the problem

Otherwise a check and report will be needed


We will give a Free 15 minute check and report within the workshop.

Otherwise an agreed charge will apply



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Typical work             Extraordinary Work



Typical Work


24inch Rita Fan motor 950 RPM

Call out to site fan blowing fuses, trace fault to motor winding,

Inform customer of likely costs, isolate, and Disconnect .

Remove fan assembly as part of ventilation duct.

Transport to workshop. Carry out check and report, put 2 proposals on repair ,

one at $2300 for the repair installed one year guarantee,, and one of $2500 for

an new unit installed. Purchase a new motor, fit to the duct, and test in the workshop.

Transport to site. Fit in Place, and commission.



Typical Work


1.5 kW 3 phase 36 inch Ziehl fan 700 rpm

Fisher and Paykel Health care blowing fuses. Brought to our workshop.

For a check and report, found in need of a rewind and bearings,

quoted $800 for the rewind and bearings,three year guarantee, 

and $1200 for the new motor , 1 year guarantee,

Rewind and new bearings carried out , assembled to the fan, tested on full load. 




Extra Ordinary work


250 kW 2850 rpm ABB Motor and high pressure fan for glass tempering

Call to site motor blowing fuses, found motor winding failed, Make up

and present proposals for new, and repaired motor .

Remove motor , rewind the motor , fit new bearings , assembly

and test. Remove old fan bearings, repair  fan shaft, fit new bearings,

fit motor to the assembly and test 



Extra ordinary Work


15 kW 1425 rpm  GEC motors  for FORD  alloy wheels

on special freestanding frame.

Circulating air at 250Deg C over molten aluminium Reservoir.20 fans in total

quoted $1200 each, for the 20 of

for new bearings of correct grade, with high temp grease fitted, windings surge and

hi pot tested, guaranteed for 1 year. Each fan tested on full load



Extra ordinary Work fimage012.jpg

37 kW 1425 rpm GEC motor and fan unit, Building shaking, Fit new bearings

to fan and motor, and dynamically balance on site.